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Amusement Park Light

Our amusement lights are designed to enhance a variety of rides and attractions, providing eye-catching and durable lighting solutions that elevate the entertainment experience.

Applicable Scenarios Include:

  1. Kiddie Rides: Bright and colorful lights make kiddie rides more attractive and fun, drawing in more children and families.
  2. Carousels: Add a modern touch and visual appeal to classic carousels with flashing lights and changing colors.
  3. Ferris Wheels: Illuminate each cabin with LED lights, creating a spectacular nighttime display and making it a park highlight.
  4. Amusement Rides: Provide safe and reliable lighting for all amusement rides, ensuring they attract visitors both day and night.
  5. Theme Park Decorations: Decorate theme parks with a variety of lighting effects, adding festive atmosphere for holidays and special events.
  6. Carnivals and Festivals: Flashing lights and dynamic lighting effects add joy and excitement to carnivals and festivals.
  7. Stage Performances: Offer professional stage lighting for various performances and events, enhancing the visual experience for audiences.


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